“Welcome and Comfortable”

Not only is Jade an amazing dance teacher but she also makes us feel so welcome and comfortable. I love Definition Dance because we learn lots of new dance routines and we also get the opportunity to show case our dances at competitions’

“Fun Way To Get Fit”

I’ve been attending Definition Dance since adult classes began and its a fun way to get fit and in addition learn some dance moves. The teacher Jade has a great passion for dance and makes you feel very welcome. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who want to get fit and have fun

“Love Every Class She Does”

Jade has taught me for a good 10 years now throughout her training. I have loved every class she does! They are so much fun and caters for everyone’s different abilities! I would recommend these classes to anyone

“Excellent Teacher”

Jade is an excellent teacher and is great with kids of all ages. My daughter loves this dance class which she says is fun and energetic. They all look smart when performing at competitions and showcases. i would recommend to anyone who has children wanting to give dance class and try and meet new friends.

“Inner Dance Diva”

Enthusiastic, energetic and full of fun. A dance class that brings out the inner dance diva in everyone. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

“Love Every Second Of It”

I attend the adult fitness class and loved every second of it! Jade is an excellent teacher and makes it easy to master all the different moves. Would highly recommend and cant wait for the next session

“Brilliant Teacher”

After being able to see Jade preform professionally i was so excited when her classes opened for adults! She is so versatile and adaptable, making her a brilliant teacher who is able to work with all ages and levels


I attend the adult fitness class every week which is a great way to keep fit while having fun. Jade is such an understanding teacher and has been able to get even myself a beginner, to pull off a short dance routine. We’re always shown how to master every move and you never feel like the odd one out if you can’t get to grip with anything. Definitely fun!

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