Wedding Dance

Whether you are looking

for a traditional dance or

something more modern.

You will learn your own

unique first dance as a

happy couple for your

special day.

We can provide a custom made choreographed dance for any event. All in the safety and comfort of your own home (studio’s can be rented but will be at an extra cost). This will be provided to a song of you choice or a mix of a few if you just cant decide. Please see below packages for what we offer.

Bronze Package

2 Hours

2 x 1 hour


For those short on time or only wishing to learn a short dance.

Silver Package

4.5 Hours

3 x 1.5 hours


For those who are looking to learn a full song and have more practise hours.

Gold Package

6 Hours

4 x 1.5 hours


For those wanted to learn a more complex routine.

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